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Kyrgyzstan mountains

Kyrgyzstan Mountains

Kyrgyzstan mountainsBy long chains from west to east 88 massive mountain ranges of the massive mountain Tien Shan system stretch, in Russian it means heavenly mountains. The others, such as Chong Alayskiy mountain range in the south of the country belongs to the Pamirs mountain system. And only one single road connects the southern and northern regions of the country the Bishkek-Osh road. The mountain range of Kyrgyzstan on the average has the length of 100-300 km, the longest mountain range (Kakshaal) is 582 km. 

The Tien Shan mountain range is the longest one in Asia. The length of the mountains is 2800 km, the width is 800 km. There are 40 peaks with the height of more than 6000 metres on the Kyrgyzstan mountain range. It covers a few states but for the most part it lies on the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic. The mountain range is divided into the northern, western, eastern, central and inland parts, each of which has the characteristic Alpine type.

The central part of Kyrgyzstan mountain range lies to the south-east of the Issyk Kul lake and is known thanks to the two highest peaks (Peak Pobeda and Khan-Tengri ). The first records of this mountain range appeared as early as in ancient times. According to the ancient writings and the notes of the travellers, the expeditions to these places were carried out since ancient times though all of them are more like legends than facts. The expedition of the Russian explorer Peter Semenov in the middle of the 19th century first threw light upon the mystery of the heavenly mountains. Thanks to his explorations Semenov even got the second surname from the tsar Tien-Shansky.

The Pamirs is located in the southern part of the country. The utmost northern parts of the Pamirs system lie In Kyrgyzstan, namely Zaalayskiy mountain range. Pamiro-Alai Mountains separate the Pamirs from the Tien Shan and are divided into Turkestan (with a few unsubdued peaks) and Alai Mountains. The Kyrgyzstan mountains covered with snow all the year round are called Ala-, in translation it means polychromy or bright mountains.  The smaller Kyrgyzstan mountain ranges: Ak Sheirak, Chatcal, Fergana, Keolu, Kokshaal, Talas and Zaalay, are not less popular among climbers. Actually the mountaineering in Kyrgyzstan is very popular worldwide and many tourists visit this country every year.

Kyrgyzstan mountains attract mountaineers and mountain lovers all over the world. The mountaineers who manage to conquer all the five 7000 meter peaks of Central Asia, three of which are located on the territory of Kyrgyzstan, get the honorable title of Snow Leopard.

The list of 7000 meter peaks:

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