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Trekking to Base Camp + Khan-Tengri expedition

For many years already the alpinists have trekked up to the Base Camp South Inylchek along the glacier in order to get a better acclimatization before climbing Khan Tengri and Pobeda peaks. The trek up along the glacier not only helps you to get better acclimatization, but also gives you a unique opportunity to enjoy the beautiful views of Tien Shan.
The trek starts in At Jailoo gorge – an amazingly beautiful place on Inylchek river bank, one of your Camps overlooks stunning Nansen peak, and at the confluence of South and North Inylchek you can walk to see the famous Merzbacher Lake. But there were some people who wouldn’t accept this way of acclimatization because of the necessity to carry much - tents, food and personal belongings, etc. 2017 “Ak-Sai Travel” will set up permanent tent Camps all along the route to make the trek possible and easy for you (see map).

If you use our service, your trip will be much easier as:
1) You will be awaited in every Camp, you will be accommodated in comfortable tents and get delicious meals that include National and European cuisine;
2) You will have communication in every Camp, and will be able to send the information from there;
3) Your itinerary will be marked and described in details in a leaflet, that you will get when your use our service.

If you use our service, you can save money, as:
1) There is no need for you to bring (or rent) lots of things – like tent, dishes, frying pans, etc;
2) You don’t need to buy any food;
3) No need to hire porters.

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