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23-25th of March: Hiking in Konorchek canyon

General information

Today we publish excellent news from the fields of the project "Travel, Discover, Help".
From 23 to 25 March, the Ak Sai Travel team together with the "New Generation of Youth" society and the children of the Voenno-Antonovsky children's community went for hiking trip to the canyons of Konorchek.
Brave fifteen guys, accompanied by experienced mountain instructors, teacher and Ak Sai Travel managers went to a small, but quite difficult hike, which has been passed with success.

All necessary instructions have been received and we started our journey to see these sandy rocks that look like American Colorado Canyon, which we saw previously only on photos.
Overcoming the distance of 17 km altogether we reached the picturesque place which is situated on the bank of the river. Here we sat up tent camp, collected woods, then started prepare dinner.
Appointed duty workers in the kitchen were very fast and skillful, so we didnt wait food for long after hard walking day.
The morning of the next day was occupied by the long-waited trip to the canyons of Konorchek, where we saw rocky, sandy, clay mountains of various forms. If to use imagination, you could see castles, walls or even shapes of different animals.
The second part of this day was devoted to the group and every single person in it. We listened personal stories of each child during our spiritual gatherings at the fireplace and learned lots of new things of their lives. First of all, those children want to discover a new world for themselves. Children are strong in spirit and, moreover, talented. Someone is engaged in weightlifting, someone takes part at the cook courses, and someone has already finished the courses of a barber. But they do really need someone who could share own experience, mistakes that he once committed, the difficulties he overcame and the conclusions he made. So our "philosophy of fire" at the evening time involved not only children, but adults, who showed themselves from the other side.

On the next day we started our way back with lighter rucksacks, but our there was one more challenge to handle. We were giving the task to find a big heavy stone to carry and take with you. Nobody knows how far we have to take this stone with us, but everyone complete the task properly. Reaching certain point, we found that this stone symbolized all hurts and harms that we carry inside ourselves. This is not good, its unnecessary extra load, so we have to rid it off. Having thrown the rock from the cliff, we said goodbye to all our insults, and after that we climbed easily to the pass and crossed the rest of the way to the place where the car was waiting for us.

At this point we found, that this is just a beginning of our way. Such trips are showing the world from another side that helps to start appreciate what you have and overthink your priorities. It wasnt just a hiking with children in the mountains, it was a bunch of life stories and lots of positive emotions. It was also an ideal example of team building in the shortest possible time. The evening gatherings at the fireplace, side by side with the best friend, left an indelible impression in our memory. We are waiting for the new meeting with children and next journey to other wonder places of our country!

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